3 Reason’s I Love My Life As An Entrepreneur

One thing I have always said about being an entrepreneur is that it’s not always easy but it’s always worth it! I’ve been on this entrepreneurial path for  almost 7 years now and it has been a roller coaster of highs and lows but I wouldn’t change it for anything.

Here are 3 reasons I love my life as an entrepreneur ~

  1. Versatility. My background (pre-entrepreneurial days) is in Accounting. I had worked as an accountant for about 13 years before I started my own company in 2006. So naturally, my first company was in the accounting field. When I first started my accounting business I had no clue how to run a company because I was used to sitting in an office with the door closed staring at numbers all day long. But once I got started (with help from my amazing business partner and reading and re-reading Tim Ferriss I quickly realized that this is where I belonged. Fast forward to 2012, I started a soccer academy, Conteh Soccer Academy. Yes, a SOCCER academy! Do I know anything about soccer? No! Do I know and have what it takes to run a successful business? Yes! The key to any entrepreneurial venture is to surround yourself with the right people and be ready for the opportunity when it presents itself.
  2. Never Getting Bored ~ Bored is one word that I have not used since 2006. Being an entrepreneur is quite the adventure! I have learned to be flexible with my to-do lists. It’s a rare day that I am able to get through that list with out switching tasks 324 times. Is owning your own business a lot of work? Hell yes! And yes, if I wake up at 3 AM I may check my many twitter accounts or might take a peak at my email but I have never once complained about being bored.
  3. Possibilities Are Endless ~ When I started my first business, we set up simple goals for our first year. Some seemed SO extreme at the time that we just put them in the “let’s hope” category. At our 90 day mark we had already exceeded 85% of our goals, even the “let’s hope” list! One thing that that is extremely important for an entrepreneur to be is FLEXIBLE. On a daily basis we come up with new ideas, new strategies and new goals. To become stagnate and set in your ways will completely limit your possibilities. Image

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