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Entrepreneur Spotlight: Teresa Hall @ Kwan Yin Holistic Center

Teresa Hall
Teresa Hall

Meet Teresa Hall: 

For the past 4 months I have had increasing pain in my lower back. I mean some SERIOUS pain! Working from home without a proper office doesn’t help either. Well, that was until I had an appointment last week with Teresa Hall at Kwan Yin Holistic Center. For no good reason, I had been skeptical of getting acupuncture done even though I had heard it works wonders.




While I was getting poked with needles (I swear..it doesn’t hurt!) she mentioned that she works with a lot of women’s fertility issues with many of them getting pregnant. My response: ” Great! But I DON’T want THOSE needles!!” LOL

It’s been a week since my session and OH MY GOD!!!! Pain Free!


What is the name of your business and your website URL?

Teresa Hall: Kwan Yin Holistic Center


How did you choose the name of your business?

Teresa Hall: In 1999, my last year of studies, I was blessed to travel to China. While there, I visited several temples and Kwan Yin came to me and I knew I would name my practice after her. She is also my healing Master and she works with me and through me. Kwan Yin is said to be the female Buddha, the Goddess of compassion!

Sarah Conteh: What inspired you to create your company?

Teresa Hall:  It was a natural chain of events. Entering into a 4 year program to study Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, I knew the result would be opening my own private practice. Having worked for other people most my life, I knew I would be most happy and fulfilled working for myself!

Sarah Conteh: How and when did you start your business?

Teresa Hall:  I began my practice right after I passed the state licensing exam for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. While waiting to see if I passed, I created 100 presentation packets and sent them out to local doctors and was very pleased with a 10% response. One medical doctor guaranteed I would see at least 10 patients a week, which turned into 40, in a short period of time. He paid me as an employee which gave me the money to open my private practice!

Kwan Yin

Sarah Conteh: Tell me about your professional background and experience.

Teresa Hall:  Having dropped out in 10th grade, I enrolled in the school of life for a bit of time. At some point I thought it was a good idea to get my GED and then one thing led to another! I spent 3 years earning my Associate degree in Chemical Dependency and Psychology, then was accepted into San Diego State University where I continued to study Psychology with an emphasis in Physiology and finally earned my Master degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and Pacific College of Oriental Medicine.

Sarah Conteh: What should your patients expect when they come to you?

Teresa Hall:  I expect my patients will feel like they are being heard, like they are welcomed. I want my patients/clients to feel like I will do everything I can based on my knowledge and experience to help them feel better. I expect they can ask me anything and if I do not know the answer, I will research and find the answer. I expect my patients/clients will feel safe sharing information with me so I can better understand where they are coming from!

Sarah Conteh: Is this your first time operating and managing your own business? If not, share a bit of history about another business you owned.

Teresa Hall:  In my 20’s briefly for about 6 months had a cleaning business and decided cleaning up after other people was not fulfilling, it was allot of work and I did not charge enough for my service to make worthwhile.

Kwan Yin

Sarah Conteh: What has been the toughest lesson you have been taught about owning a business?

Teresa Hall:  Oh this is an easy one! I do not get any paid sick leave, no time off to grief when my parents got sick and died, no vacation time… and of course no steady, secure paycheck.

Sarah Conteh: What has been the most rewarding part of owning your own business?

Teresa Hall:  I totally LOVE that I get to set my own schedule, no alarm clocks. I can take breaks throughout the day, as needed! Being of service and actually being able to help people where western medicine said there was nothing else they can do.

Sarah Conteh: What are some of your specific marketing strategies?

Teresa Hall: Being in practice for 15 years, I rely on word of mouth, also facebook and the South Park Walk Abouts. I also have an ongoing *Groupon* deal, many people find me that way and become long term patients. In addition, many insurances pay for acupuncture, so many patients find me through their network!

Sarah Conteh: What is your target market?

Teresa Hall: My target patient is anyone who wants to feel better!!! Be it someone in pain, someone wanting to lose weight, or anyone who is drinking or smoking too much or those who are looking to conceive and bring new life in. Also, work with many patients with Cancer, treating their side effects of chemotherapy. My youngest patient was four years old and my oldest patient was 95!

Sarah Conteh: Do you have any specific books, blogs or podcasts that you recommend to other business owners?

Teresa Hall: When I am feeling stuck ie: phone not ringing, no patients, I meditate and visualize and ask the Universe to send me people I can help the most. I also love listening to the channeling of Law of Attraction by Abraham, sometimes I will listen to the CD’s over and over to program myself of the ability to attract what I need, want and desire.

Sarah Conteh: Do you do much in person networking? If yes, what do you like and don’t like? If no, why not?

Teresa Hall: Over the years I have done much face to face marketing ie: LeTip, Referral Exchange, Gay and Lesbian Business Network, also paid to exhibit at peoples place of work and many street fairs. All of these endeavors attracted a few people, however not enough to stay with them. In my neighborhood, we have quarterly “Walkabouts” and I feel this has worked best! The next South Park Walkabout is on March 21st, be sure to stop by and say hi!

Sarah Conteh: Has there been anyone in particular that helped motivate you to start your business? If yes, tell me about them and how they helped you

Teresa Hall:  Of course, my parents. My father worked in the coal mines and when they shut down he opened his own very successful landscaping business in Tucson, Arizona. Both he and my mom had such a hard work ethic that inspired me to be the best, I can be and to be of service. Also my teacher, boss and mentor at San Diego State, Dr. Philip Langlais was very supportive when I realized I wanted to switch gears from Psychology to Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.

Sarah Conteh: What are your long-term goals for your business?

Teresa Hall:  I never want to retire! My mantra for years has been do what I love and love what I do. My goal is to help as many people as possible to feel better. One goal that is currently coming to fruition is renting out one of my treatment rooms and this month has provided the “perfect” women to share space with! Sharna Langlais, a Reiki Practitioner, who coincidentally happens to be the daughter of my mentor at S.D.S.U. and Jennica Mills (who does amazing work at traumatic release work through yoga) will be sharing space here, beginning March 1st. More information about them at www.BeOneness.org. Also, planning to open a second office in South Bay, sometime soon!

Sarah Conteh: How can people find you on social media?

Teresa Hall: Twitter: Acupuncture4u

Facebook: Kwan Yin Holistic Center

LinkedIn: Teresa Hall

Sarah Conteh: Share some fun facts about you!

Teresa Hall: Okay, I think the best one is hitch hiking from San Diego to Daytona Beach, Florida with a boyfriend at 16, with a fake ID saying I was 18. It was the best experience ever and I learned way more then I would have learned stuck in a classroom.

Sarah Conteh: Tell me a story about one of your favorite customers.

Teresa Hall: Oh my, there are so many phenomenal patients! The first one that come to mind is a patient that came to me for weight loss, she weighed 371 at our first session and 1 year later weighed 190. Another patient was only 4 years old with asthma and set up to be on drugs for the rest of her life, it turned out she was really allergic to many things and we did “allergy elimination” and she did not need any drugs. Then there are so many women who have come to me for fertility with all kinds of diagnoses where they would never become pregnant, and they did!!!

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